Canadian Keyes Fibre

Multicolored Foam Produce and Meat Trays

CKF’s line of multicolored foam trays showcase your fresh fish, poultry and meat cuts while providing self-serve convenience.

Product freshness is protected, along with your margins by reducing shrink through quick shelf turnover. Serving clients across the US and Canada, we offer a variety of tray formats and colours to provide a perfect solution for excellent protection and presentation of your packaged protein items.

Earthcycle Pulp Fibre Trays

Earthcycle ™ pulp fibre packaging products helps support brands and retailers that what to show their consumers that they care about the environment. From the color, the look and feel of the material through to our independently verified environmental credentials, Earthcycle ™ products substantiate your claims for environmental stewardship.

The Earthcycle ™ line of trays cater to a range of end users, including fresh produce, deli and bakery. The Earthcycle trays are certified compostable and are suitable for home compost environments. The trays are also recyclable with paper, renewable, FDA compliant for food grade packaging and are suitable for high- moisture environments, like mushrooms.

Pulp and Foam Hinged Lid

The natural and authentic look to our pulp hinged lids offers Food Service Establishments an opportunity to dislay and substantiate their sustainability efforts to their customers with a superior product. These sturdy hinged lids are recyclable in waste paper streams, they are compostable, FDA compliant and are an excellent thermal carrier.

Customize your take-out, clamshell packaging with custom random printing and/or embossing to promote the ultimate in company brand image, presentation and professionalism at minimal additional cost.